When you want to Whisper, find an ear.
When you want to be tactical, find us.
Advanced Social Media Management



hispers have started revolutions and ruined romances. But in this digital age, organizations, companies, & causes need more than one ear at a time. 

We amplify your reputation across multiple social media platforms & when needed, implement effective strategies to counter those narratives that seek to do you harm.
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Narrative Strategy
Content Creation
SM Management



Narrative Strategy

narrative is your story. But it isn't composed of just random thoughts. It aligns with your strengths, ethics, & integrity. We help you devise and deliver a bold message, consistently. And when contrary voices attempt to do you harm, we counter with agility and proven strategies.


Content Creation


our reputation depends on consistent, bold, and pervasive messaging. Built on solid principles, tested narratives, and a willingness to not be shy, we develop content for all of your voices and products in many colors of creativity. 


SM Management


cheduling and managing your content takes precision, agility, and knowing when your community is online to grab a hold on your messaging. We promote your reputation at just the exact right moment, so you can focus on the bigger picture 


Zi Azizi

I like shooting pool because it involves precision, accuracy, and attention to where your opponent is on the table. Those are some of the same qualities that I bring to my work with Tactical Social. 

David Snepp

Hiking gives me a sense of place in the world, awe, and sense of wonder. I think those are qualities that are essential in reputation management. 

Fatima Omid

I love my dogs. Spending time with them gives me a sense of joy and teach me so much about humans! I like to bring such happiness to my life every day my work building brands on social media.



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